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Volume 6, Issue 1

December 2021

Table of Content

You will find here essays from various countries, (Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and the UK) exploring issues pertinent to them in their own contexts. So you get to read about how Ghanaian Pentecostals and Rwandan Presbyterians have coped during the pandemic, and how Nigerian Christians have used the lessons from the 1918 pandemic to respond to COVID-19, how Bible (mis)translation in Zimbabwe makes it impossible to sing certain hymns in the light of the coronavirus pandemic and, finally, how African Christians in Britain have managed to huddle together and come out of the pandemic thriving. I pray you will find them informative and helpful.
Dr. Harvey Kwiyani
Executive Editor, MAJAM

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MAJAM is established to provide a critical scholarly commentary on the development of mission within African Christianity, and the study thereof, both in Africa and in the Diaspora. It is about mission and the African peoples. Anyone can contribute, regardless of whether they are African or not. Articles have to reflect mission by or among Africans, in Africa or elsewhere. Subject of interest include African theology, African philosophy, African religions, leadership and others.

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